Abbey Jewellery - Some Examples of Our Work

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Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone necklace.
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Selection of Cabochon pendants.
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Bangle Two Strand Rolled Gold 001
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Bead Hoop Earrings Rolled Silver Amber 001
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Bracelet Pearls Agentium Silver 001
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Bracelet Sterling Silver Viking Knit Laps Lazuli 001
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Choker Rolled Gold Labradorite Pendant 001
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Choker Rolled Silver Jade Pendant 001
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Choker Rolled Silver Rose Quartz Blue Topaz & Moonstone. 001
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Figure Of Eight Rolled Gold Chain 001
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Four Strand Celtic Bangle Rolled Gold 001
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Free Form Ring Argentium Silver with Magnesite 001
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Free Frm Choker Turquoise Moonstone Argentium Silver 001
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Freeform Drop Earrings Aventurine Silver 001
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Freeform Drop Earrings Rose Quartz Moonstone Sterling Silver 001
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Knot Ring Rolled Gold 001
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Knot Ring Rolled Gold 002
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Large Bead Ring Argentium Silve Black Onyxr 001
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Large Bead Ring Rolled Gold Rose Quartz 001
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Mounted Stone Ring. Rolled Gold Amber 001
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Necklace Argentium Silver Amber Pearls 001
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Necklace; Argentium Silver & Turquoise 001
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Necklace Rolled Gold Turquoise 001
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Necklace Sterling Silver Viking Knit 001
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One Bead Drop Earrings Rolled Gold Pearl 001
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One Bead Wide Bangle Sterling Silver Fluorite 001
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Penannular Brooch Rolled Silver Botswana Agate 001
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Penannular Brooch Rolled Silver Botswana Agate 002
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Penannular Brooch Rolled Silver Lapis Lazuli 001
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Pendant Carnelian Argentium Silver 001
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Pendant Red Sponge Coral Argentium Silver 001
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Pendant Rolled Gold Amethyst 001
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Pendant Rolled Gold Avanturine 001
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Pendant Rolled Gold Rose Quartz 002
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Pendant Sterling Silver Blue Lace Agate 001
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Pendant Sterling Sliver Quartz Crystal 001
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Plain Hoop Earrings Rolled Silver 001
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Rolled Gold Chain Blue Obsidian Beads 001
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Rolled Gold Choker Ammonite Pendant 001
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Rolled Gold Viking Knit Bracelet 001
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Rolled Silver Blue Topaz Heart Pendant 001
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Six Strand Bangle Rolled Gold Argentium Silver 001
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Small Bead Ring Rolled Gold Pearl 001
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Sterling Silver Chain Amber Sterling Silver Pendant 001
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Three Bead Bangle Rolled Gold Amethyst Pearl 001
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Three Bead Bangle Rolled Gold Turquise 001
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Three Bead Drop Earrings Black Onyx Rolled Gold 001
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Three Strand Bangle Argentium Silver 001
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Tiara Pearls Quartz Silver Plate 001
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Two Bead Drop Earrings Fluorite Rolled Gold 001
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Two Bead Wide Bangle Argentium Silver Pearl 001
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